5. Location: North Hollywood

    Style & Makeup: Katie Booth


  6. T R A V E L / H I G H L I G H T S / 2 0 1 3

    TWO THOUSAND & THIRTEEN brought me a lot of joy and satisfaction. You can think your life is going one direction, and then suddenly you’re venturing into different territories with new people and doing things you never thought you would experience. I’ve tried to embrace the unexpected and not ask too many questions; I’ve learned more that way. Really, I look back on my year and feel surprised and grateful. I wish that 2014 could look as good, if not better. 

  7. I explored Frankfurt Germany during a 12 hour layover. I made friends with a local who was nice enough to show me around. I loved it.
    Istanbul will forever be the city of "unexpected love". It's where Andrea and I met, and Hagia Sofia is the place that made it happen.
    Cappadocia, Turkey.
    My friends and I were told that we had to go on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia and so we did. It was AMAZING.
    Cappadocia, Turkey. It was magical and mysterious and felt like a dream.
    On the long bus ride to Pamukkale, Turkey. I met an older French couple on that bus and we still stay in contact.
    A unique place that blew me away. Pamukkale, Turkey.
    The first thing I saw in Rome was the Colosseum. It's a proper introduction to the city, to say the least.
    The most incredible view of orange I had ever seen in the sky. Ariccia, Italy.
  8. Andrea's sea side town, Anzio. A place where I've spent several months living.
    Florence, Italy. One of my favorite things to see was Michelangelo's "David".
    A unique little village on top of a hill called Civita Bagnoregio.
    We drove through Pisa on our way to Florence and made the stop to see the world famous leaning tower. It's pretty insane to see it for yourself.
    My favorite church in Rome is San Pietro's Basilica. Andrea and I climbed over 300 steps to get to the top. Our reward was this view.
    Venice, Italy. The town is as picturesque as you see in the movies.
    His first time to the Pacific Ocean was at Santa Monica beach. This was right before we had the best cheeseburger at Plan Check.
    Andrea and I hiked to Vernal Falls in Yosemite. The water was freezing, but the view was incredible.
    I had been to San Francisco a million times but never saw Rodeo Beach. It felt like we were in another country. Very beautiful and private.
    Andrea took me to Paris for my 26th birthday. The city captivated me in so many ways. This was the view from the top of Arche de Triomphe.

  9. P A R I S & V E R S A I L L E S

    In November, I finally made it to the city almost everyone speaks about. And now I know why there is so much chatter. The history, the food, the ART both old and new, the fashion, the beautiful people, the shopping…! Sigh. I found it was a difficult attempt to capture Paris through my camera, mostly because I was worried that I couldn’t / wouldn’t do the city justice. So I took some pictures, didn’t go camera crazy, and chose to experience the city in a different way. But from what I did take, I hope it could give you a glimpse of the allure.